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Because proper tree planting is crucial for tree establishment, we strongly advise you to employ our in-house planting service if you are unfamiliar with the process. We give a complete establishment warranty on every material we have planted for extra piece of mind.

Those debating whether or not to plant themselves should visit our Planting It Yourself page to learn more about the procedure.

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Trees are planted on people’s properties because of the various advantages they give. These advantages include bettering the air quality surrounding your house or company, minimising soil erosion, creating a wind barrier, and, of course, increasing the appearance of your property.

Real estate experts will tell you that curb appeal has a significant influence on a home’s value, and few things have as much of an impact as trees. In fact, the presence of mature trees on a property can boost its value by 7–19 percent.

However, planting trees is more complicated than just digging a hole and placing a tree in it. There are several factors to consider that will (or should) impact your choices and the trees you choose to plant.

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Bulky Gardening Planting Services

Tree Planting Services of the Highest Quality

We address all tree planting requirements, from small saplings to mature trees and spectacular quick hedges, whether you want to add additional colour to your yard, add a new hedgerow border, or have a tree planted for a particular event.

We can help you decide which tree to plant in your yard based on the soil compatibility, light, ground condition, wind exposure, drainage, and competition from nearby trees. Taking all of information into consideration, we may select a good tree for the site.

To ensure that only the best trees are planted, we obtain both bare-root trees and trees that have already been grown from the best suppliers.

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Dublin Planting Services

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Dublin Planting Services

For each stock ordered, a full planting service is provided as an optional extra. Bulky Gardening Plants has a staff of professionals in large tree and shrub planting, many of them having over ten years of expertise. Customers may rest certain that their plants will be given the greatest possible start thanks to this level of expertise.

All items planted by the team are guaranteed for three years by the Bulky Gardening Plants service guarantee. In addition, when the plants are planted, they must be cared for and led to ensure that they thrive in the long run.

Why not plan a site visit to discover how Bulky Gardening Plants can help improve your garden, whether it’s for a minor screening issue, inspiration for a tricky corner, a full garden makeover, or a huge commercial project?

Consider These Factors Before Planting Trees

Tree planting is a meaningful and satisfying component of our job that is frequently ignored. From whole forests to a single tree, we can assist with all aspects of planting.

When considering planting a new tree, a group of trees, or a shrub, we recommend that you examine the following factors:

APPROPRIATENESS: Will the tree “look right”? An alien species in a rural setting may often appear out of place, whereas a native tree in a very formal garden would also look out of place. Will the colour of the blooms on a blossoming tree complement or detract from the appearance of your home? You should also think about if the flowers may affect the allergies of anyone who lives in the house.

Will the tree or shrub you choose grow in the soil you wish to put it in? Many plants are sensitive to alkaline soils (such as chalk). As a result, before having a tree planted, you’ll need to study the soil’s qualities. Failure to do so might result in your new tree withering quickly. If you like, we may inspect the soil for you and then recommend a variety of trees that will thrive in the current conditions.

When it comes to trees, there are a plethora of safety factors to consider. First and foremost, will the tree’s roots cause structural harm to your home’s foundation? Will a strong wind cause branches to fall on your home? Pests such as bark beetles, wasps, and caterpillars, as well as several forms of blight, are attracted to certain trees. Before you choose a tree, be sure you understand the hazards.

Will the tree or shrub “fit the place” when fully grown? It’s impossible to tell just by gazing around the room. In reality, you or someone else will need to carefully measure the area where the tree(s) will be planted to guarantee that it will be able to sustain the tree (s). Remember, it’s the size of the mature trees that counts.

Is the tree likely to impede a view or light in the future, or is it likely to overhang (and so be a nuisance) to a neighbour? Trees also offer shade, which is one of the many reasons they add value to a property. However, while you may desire shade over the patio, you may not want the tree throwing shadows on your south-facing windows, which receive plenty of warm sunlight throughout the winter. Finally, avoid planting trees too near to the property line, since they may cause problems with your neighbours when they mature.

Watering is required for tree maintenance and aftercare. Many plants will die if they are not watered or cared for properly. It is not suggested to plant on a grass sward, and grass should not be allowed to grow up to the tree (a 0.5m radius should be kept clear of all grass). In the spring, a slow-release fertiliser and/or mulch application will aid the growth of a new tree.

You may be eager to get started on planting trees on your property, but consider if now is the best time to do so. Although there are exceptions, most trees and shrubs should be planted in the early spring or late fall. However, as previously said, there are exceptions to this rule, so you should contact with an expert about the tree you wish to plant.

Planting bigger specimens offers the benefit of rapid impact and scale, but the downsides of greater expense, aftercare, and failure risk; on the other hand, planting smaller specimens is less expensive, takes less maintenance, and is more likely to succeed – plan accordingly!

We feel that trees are the most remarkable living characteristics of any urban landscape at Bulky Gardening. However, to guarantee that they are a safe addition to your garden or home, they require careful planning, care, and upkeep.

Bulky Gardening is a company you can trust.

Bulky Gardening provides a cost-effective professional tree planting service throughout Dublin County, as well as sections of Kildare, Wicklow, Meath, and Louth. Our arboriculture experts are well-versed in all aspects of tree care, and they will work directly with you to select the best trees for your property.

Please contact one of our specialists if you have any questions about our complete tree planting service or if you have any other tree-related questions. We’d be delighted to help. Also, don’t forget that we can plant trees or shrubs (or both) and that we can come to your home for a face-to-face consultation.

Our selection of plantation services

We tailor our planting services to each order’s specific needs, however there are two basic degrees of service. Smaller trees are staked and tied in place using traditional cross-bar stakes, while bigger trees are kept in place with state-of-the-art Platipus anchoring systems that are either above or below ground for both services.

Complete Planting

When a full planting service is ordered, we are responsible for the whole planting procedure, from the delivery of your trees through the disposal of any detritus from the job site as needed. We are confident in the establishment of any trees we plant, provided that all aftercare recommendations are followed.

Planting in Holes That Have Already Been Dug

We may provide our establishment warranty to persons who can provide the labour to prepare the pit and remove extra dirt but may not have the proper equipment or knowledge to unload and plant the trees with this basic service, which has a reduced charge.

Expenses incurred

Planting expenses vary greatly depending on stock size and access, so it’s a good idea to talk to your adviser about these issues early on in the decision process. Our Fleet and Machines, Choosing Specimens of Optimal Size, and Access Considerations sections may be of interest to those who want to work alone. As your order takes shape, we’ll provide a solid quotation, but as a general indication, planting labour expenses start at €85 including VAT. Planting materials (such as stakes and compost), delivery, and equipment rental are all priced individually. Using the Delivery Cost Estimator in your Treefinder Enquiry Basket, you may get a very approximate estimate of delivery prices to your location.

Liability restrictions:

Underground services and electricity cables

While we make every attempt to avoid colliding with electrical lines or subsurface utilities, it is the customer’s obligation to notify us if they are present. We cannot be held liable for any service damage if we have not been informed of their precise position prior to excavation. If you suspect subterranean wires, we have a Leica Digicat 200 that we may bring to the job site. Even if we provide this service, we cannot be held liable for any harm caused by the fact that some wires are difficult to locate.

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