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Lawn care is the process of caring for your lawn as a whole, including the grass and soil health. Fertilizing your lawn, removing weeds, maintaining the soil’s health, and managing turf diseases are all examples of lawn maintenance.

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What are the features of our lawn care services?

Lawn mowing: We recommend scheduling the service on a regular basis to guarantee optimal lawn upkeep. You may arrange us to mow your lawn once a week, every two weeks, or once a month online, depending on the time of year.

Borders and edging – Trimming your lawn’s margins or shaping it to fit around other garden elements. Gardeners can also put up whatever ornamental borders they like.

Aeration of the grass is a lawn management process that is done in the spring and early fall. It promotes the movement of air and water to the grass roots. It’s possible to combine the service with grass feeding or top-dressing.

Overseeding: Overseeding improves the health of your grass by addressing patchiness. The work is also carried out as a prophylactic step against the accumulation of thatch.

To hasten the healing of your grass, top-dressing is frequently done following aeration or overseeding. It entails covering the grassed area with a particular combination of dirt and sand.

Fertilizing: We can recommend the proper fertiliser for your grass area based on the type of grass you have, seasonal circumstances in your region, and the characteristics of the lawn’s location (amount of sunshine exposure and shadow).

What We Offer

Lawn Care in Dublin


All our services are priced competitively, and our costs are transparent.

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We keep a clean work site and we clean up after ourselves.

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We adhere to strict safety standards, and have public liability cover.

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Our clients tell us they love our quick response times, and on-site efficiency.

Why should you hire a professional lawn mowing and care service?

  1. You can spend more time with your family if you hire a professional lawn care and maintenance service.
  2. Overgrowth clearance costs money, therefore regular grass trimming saves you money.
  3. It maintains your grass looking nice and healthy all year, which improves the quality of your living space. Lawns clean the air and soothe the mind with their rich green colour.
  4. A well-kept lawn will benefit not just your home, but the entire neighbourhood by creating a nice ambiance.

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professional lawn mowing and care

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Have you seen dead grass, moss, thatch, or construction debris in your yard, requiring lawn care? We’re going to bring it back to life. Quick and inexpensive!

In our Dublin back yards and lawns, heavy “Dublin Clay” soil, climate change, a hectic lifestyle, and overgrown grass provide an ideal setting for all those unpleasant species to thrive. Moss, lawn illnesses, and overgrowth of weeds are just a few of the challenges we deal with on a regular basis as part of our lawn care services. That’s why Bulky Gardening‘s experienced teams provide a one-stop shop for restoring the appearance of your lawn. We can help with everything from grass mowing to seasonal lawn feeding and total lawn regeneration.

Most of the gardens we check in Dublin only require little maintenance, which is less expensive than installing new turf. Our gardeners have become professionals in scarification, lawn aeration, and over-seeding over the years in order to save our customers money and restore the appearance of their lawns.

We provide FREE lawn care evaluations and inspections. We’ll come up with the most cost-effective answer to your grass concerns during our consultation. We always attempt to eradicate the underlying reasons first and then execute a cost-effective solution to return your garden to a green, healthy looking paradise by getting to the bottom of the problem.

Our teams have done the following since 2007:

  1. Thousands of square metres of turf were fixed.
  2. Hundreds of kg of grass seeds were utilised.
  3. To increase the drainage of the lawn, a large amount of top dressing was put.
  4. We removed a lot of dead moss and grass thatch.
  5. Hundreds of gardens have been resurfaced with fresh turf.
  6. It brought joy to many Dublin garden families.

Is it better to conduct your own lawn care or hire someone to do it for you? The possibilities…

Option 1: Take care of your grass yourself.


  • Raking has been shown to be good for both physical and mental health.
  • If you already have a metal rake and fork, you can save money.
  • Your partner will have a better opinion of you.
  • You won’t have to waste time hunting for a trustworthy gardener.


  • It takes time away from your already hectic schedule, time that could otherwise be spent with family or at work.
  • Regular lawn care necessitates the upkeep of your instruments and materials.
  • It necessitates familiarity with certain health and safety requirements.
  • To house all of your gardening tools, you may need to purchase or construct a shed.
  • A lawn might be harmed due to a lack of horticulture understanding.
  • Carrying all that green garbage to the recycling centre, which may total 500–1000 kg, can make your automobile smell like a hole.

Option 2: Hire a lawn-care “man”


  • There is a wide range of options available everywhere, and they may be reached at any time of day using a cell phone number.
  • They usually offer cheap hourly rates, which might be a good way to save money in the short term.
  • They could be willing to labour in the rain or even during a storm.
  • They may be able to come up on short notice for one-time tasks due to a shortage of work.
  • If you ask them to repair your fence or replace a light bulb, they will almost certainly do so (even if they have never done it before).


  • In the case of an accident, you will be personally accountable if you do not carry insurance.
  • Weed control PA1/PA6 certification isn’t available.
  • During the task, some even bring their own dogs onto your property.
  • Due to a lack of standards, their machinery is frequently neglected.
  • typically does not follow your directions and chooses to pursue their own thoughts
  • Plants may be harmed as a result of a lack of expertise and understanding.
  • Except for the recycling centre, your green garbage may wind up at the end of the road or somewhere else.

Option 3: Do it the right way. Hire a real company!


  • In all parts of work, maintain a professional look, reliability, and timeliness.
  • Gardeners from the local community who are completely trained, experienced, and passionate.
  • Procedures that have been tried and proven, with defined plans and quality control measures
  • Fully licenced to transport rubbish, as well as fully insured personnel and property.
  • I am a member of a number of organisations, including BALI, Checkatrade, and others.
  • chance to voice your opinion via internet reviews in the event of substandard service
  • Paperwork that is safe, secure, and well-documented, as well as several payment options
  • The operative on-site employed a 15-point garden clearance visit completion checklist.
  • Only licenced legal weed control services have access to tested and authorised pesticides.
  • To maintain healthy development, your grass will be trimmed to no more than 1/3 of the grass plant during each visit.


  • Due to contributions to government taxes, it may be a little more expensive.
  • Not always eager to compete on price by performing things at a lower level.
  • With all that more free time, you’ll have to put it to good use.
  • You might feel tempted to give a fantastic review online.
  • Will not do odd chores such as fence restoration or shed roof repair.
  • Our Bulky Gardening services may become addictive.

Do you need lawn care guidance in Dublin?

In certain cases, all your lawn needs is our advise and the application of proper grass cutting techniques. In certain circumstances, the garden only need a fast spray of moss and weed killer, but we may also advise on a long-term grass care strategy.

Since the inception of Bulky Gardening lawn care services, our purpose has been to assist and nurture the greenest and biggest element of your garden—your lawn.

The look of your grass reflects the true state of your garden. Some gardeners are unable to identify weeds in borders and believe that shrubs should be as tall as they are. Our gardening ninjas are well aware that a bad lawn experience will be noticed by your friends or even curious neighbours. We usually advise Dublin gardeners to maintain their lawn before it becomes a wildflower meadow overrun by moss and weeds.

What occurs during a normal visit?

  • We never leave perennial weeds in the soil before beginning the scarification process; we always start with chemical or manual weed eradication.
  • We mowed the grass down to a very low level in a few different ways.
  • To stimulate new growth, dead grass, moss, and thatch are removed, and old grass is destroyed with a fixed blade lawn scarifier.
  • We punch holes in the soil using a huge petrol lawn hollow-tine solid aerator to promote drainage and break up thick dirt.
  • New grass is sown by selecting the appropriate seed combination based on the needs of the garden.
  • To enhance drainage and soil conditions, top dressing is placed throughout the grass and raked uniformly.


Frequently Asked Questions

When temperatures drop, grass slows down, yet it never stops growing. Even so, by early December, you might want to give it a break from regular mowing. You can mow your grass on occasion if the weather is warm (the ground isn’t frozen or too damp) (ex: once a month).

Once the temperature climbs over 5°C in early spring, grass begins to grow at a faster rate. When the grass has grown to a height of 2.5 inches, you should consider mowing your lawn (above 6 cm). When the temperature climbs over 5 degrees Celsius, the grass’s growth rate accelerates dramatically. Keep an eye on its height. After the winter, mowing should be done at a height of 2.5 inches (6+ cm).

Absolutely. First, the gardener will trim the grass before cutting it with a professional gas lawn mower.

Yes, our professional lawn care service is provided by experienced gardeners who are well equipped with all of the necessary tools and machinery.

Gardeners may labour in a variety of weather conditions, and the outcomes are typically unaffected. Keep in mind, however, that mowing the lawn when the grass is damp may harm it.

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