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The prospect of crawling in amongst the debris, overgrown shrubs, and rubbish is too much for individuals wishing to clean up the garden shed or clear the yard. In truth, this may have been a job you had been putting off, like so many others. However, there may come a point when you will need to clear out the shed, either for other uses or owing to a property sale.

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With every job booked, we’ll assess the state of your trees and offer expert advice.

Garden Clearance in Dublin

We Provide

Garden Clearance in Dublin

Garden clearance and rubbish disposal are services provided by our organisation. In Dublin, we collect green garbage from both residential and business sites.

Leaving mounds of trash and waste in your yard might lead to vermin infestation. This may be unattractive and invite a variety of illnesses from rats and other pests.

We can assist you with the removal of green garbage and common trash from your garden. Our garden clearance service assists clients in returning their gardens to normal by removing and disposing of any undesirable garbage, leaving them clean, pest-free, and safe. On most days, we can visit your property, examine your needs, and offer you with a free garden clearance quotation on the same day.

What We Offer

Garden Clearance in Dublin


All our services are priced competitively, and our costs are transparent.

No Mess

We keep a clean work site and we clean up after ourselves.

Fully Insured

We adhere to strict safety standards, and have public liability cover.

Prompt and reliable

Our clients tell us they love our quick response times, and on-site efficiency.

Waste Removal & Garden Clearance

All green garbage is collected and disposed of by our garden waste collection service, which includes:

  • Shrubs
  • plants
  • Branches
  • Leaves
  • Twigs
  • Cuttings of Grass
  • Plants in Pots
  • Logs
  • Vegetation That Isn’t Wanted

We also accept general waste such as construction debris, bricks, garden furniture, sheds, and fences, however these will incur additional expenses due to the requirement to segregate them.

Waste Removal & Garden Clearance

You can simply give us a call to get started:

OR you can send us a mail at: info@bulkygardening.ie

Clearance and collection of green waste

Clearance and collection of green waste

Each team has its own vehicle, along with all of the tools necessary for successful garden trash collection. They have leaf blowers, shovels, rakes, garbage bags, and dust sheets with them. All of your garbage will be collected and loaded into our trucks. After that, your garden will be thoroughly cleaned, leaving it pristine.

Our garden garbage collection service includes both the cargo and the labour, but not actual garden upkeep like lawn mowing, planting, or weeding. Additional garden services can be requested for an additional price, but they are not required.

Waste that is potentially hazardous

Please be aware that we do not accept any hazardous garbage of any kind. Thank you for your patience.

Garden clearance services in Dublin that are fully licenced and insured

Bulky Gardening in Dublin can help you make cleansing your yard as simple as possible. In fact, other from scheduling our crew to visit your home, there will be very nothing more you need to do.

Garden clearing for peace of mind

Rest certain that whatever you have hiding in the boundaries of your yard, the Bulky Gardening crew would be pleased to assist you in getting rid of it. We’ll take care of everything from disused lawn mowers to garbage and an overgrown lawn in a timely and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, we are completely insured and licenced to perform garden clearances, so you can rest certain that any damage, no matter how little, will be compensated.

Your garden has been cleared

Contacting Bulky Gardening immediately is the initial step toward finishing your garden clearing. Not only will we give a competitive quote, but we will also ensure that all work is completed to the best of our ability. Any spills will be cleaned up properly, and all waste and trash will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. In fact, we have a “zero-to-landfill” policy, which means that we recycle as much as possible, ensuring that we are as ecologically responsible as possible.

Our fly tipping removal experts will inform you that trustworthy garden clearance is the finest way to go, despite the fact that many people contemplate dumping their rubbish.

Do you require garden clearance services?

We will turn your jungle into a calm paradise no matter where you are in Dublin.

The garden is the most challenging area of the house to keep up with for many busy Dublin city families. It might be tough to find extra time for garden maintenance due to an excessively active lifestyle, hectic job schedules, or growing children. That’s where Bulky Gardening’s jungle removal service comes in to provide you and your family total piece of mind. You may rest assured that your prized plants and lawn will be in good hands if you choose a local, personal gardening business.

Our direct-hired local gardeners are the key to our success. Bulky Gardening does not outsource, so we can closely monitor and maintain standards to ensure the same level of service is supplied every time and on schedule. We arrive with the most up-to-date, powerful, and professional gardening equipment. We’ve come to improve your garden and provide you advice on how to keep it that way. If you are in Dublin, we will get your garden ready for that weekend or special event, from overgrown brambles to ivy concerns.

What are your alternatives if you need to clear a garden?

Clear your garden by hand and take pleasure in the workout.


  • There will be no need to look for a gardener.
  • To supervise a contractor, you don’t have to be at home.
  • It’s probable that you’ll pick up some new talents.
  • You might be able to save some cash.
  • Exercise may be beneficial to one’s health.


  • Because new tools are necessary, the cost may be greater.
  • It’s possible that you’ll need further information and training.
  • You may jeopardise your surroundings if you are unfamiliar with machines.
  • It’s possible that physical labour is too taxing for you.
  • After the task is completed, the green trash must be collected.

Engage the services of a one-man band with a van (or without).


  • Because most of them work with leads, they may be easy to find.
  • A neighbour or a friend may have recommended, tried, and tested it.
  • They might reside in the neighbourhood or even next door.
  • Most likely, they will make promises and make every effort to fulfil all requests.


  • Every consumer is only worth the money they spend if they don’t have a brand behind them.
  • Due to their lack of legal links to work, they may be risky to trust with larger quantities of money.
  • In the event of property damage or even major concerns, there is a lack of liability insurance.
  • Personal issues may make it difficult to work consistently.
  • Lack of training and licences to transport garbage that might be unlawfully thrown

Leave it to a business that specialises in it.


  • In all parts of work, maintain a professional look, reliability, and timeliness.
  • Gardeners from the local community who are completely trained, experienced, and passionate.
  • Procedures that have been tried and proven, with defined plans and quality control measures
  • Fully licenced to transport rubbish, as well as fully insured personnel and property.
  • I am a member of a number of organisations, including BALI, Checkatrade, and others.
  • chance to voice your opinion via internet reviews in the event of substandard service
  • Paperwork that is safe, secure, and well-documented, as well as several payment options
  • The operative on-site employed a 15-point garden clearance visit completion checklist.


  • Due to contributions to government taxes, it may be a little more expensive.

How much does it cost to clear a garden?

Everyone understands that many gardening jobs do not need much knowledge. As a result, we strive to keep our rates reasonable while maintaining excellent standards. We can establish a firm and secure its success by maintaining this ongoing equilibrium. A typical gardener you’ll encounter is a self-employed, non-uniformed individual driving a white van… Bulky gardening is coming to make a difference. You may spend a little more with us, but you can be assured that you will contribute to local employment, government tax contributions, and, most importantly, we will not go out of business and will be able to assist you in maintaining your garden for years to come.

Our hourly rates for comprehensive garden removal start at at €51.55. A usual visit may take a few hours, but we’ll try our best to estimate how long it will take you to clear that garden. If you’re on a budget, simply tell us how many hours you have available and we’ll try our best to accommodate you within that time.

What occurs during a normal visit?

  • The grass in the front and rear gardens will be trimmed by gardeners.
  • Hedges that are obstructing access pathways and pavings shall be cut.
  • To maintain your garden healthy, we’ll remove sick and dead timber.
  • Hand-weeding will be done in the flowerbeds to make room for seasonal flower planting.
  • Staff will even power jet wash hard surfaces to keep them from becoming slick.
  • We’ll reshape your bushes and trees to let in more light.
  • To prevent damage to buildings and fences, all of the spreading ivy will be eradicated.
  • To suppress weeds and maintain a healthy root system, we’ll turn over dirt surrounding shrub beds.

What is included in the garden clean-up?

Your garden clearance will be handled by a team of at least two gardeners. This is an hourly service, so when the gardeners arrive, they will confirm the amount of time required for the project based on the size and condition of the garden. The following are the methods to successfully addressing your overgrown garden area:

  • Completely clear the places where there is a lot of vegetation.
  • weeds and invasive plants should be removed;
  • To make thick hedges and climbing bushes seem decent, trim and shape them.
  • Overgrown trees that obstruct the light should be pruned or removed entirely.
  • Rotation of flower beds and other planting spaces is recommended.
  • Grass and leaves that have fallen;
  • Remove any weeds that have survived;

Each service includes free yard rubbish disposal up to 120 gallons. For an additional cost, more garbage can be removed. Furthermore, the experts will be pleased to provide you with helpful advise on how to avoid future overgrowth. On-site, a free quotation for regular maintenance may be supplied to minimise future undesirable excessive development. It’s worth noting that we also provide solutions if you only want your grass cut on a regular basis.

What else can you expect from the yard cleaners?

Various than lawn and garden clearance in Dublin, you may take advantage of other outdoor care services for your property, such as jet washing to restore the beauty of your deck or weekly, bimonthly, or monthly garden upkeep. If you want to improve the look of your garden or paths, you’ll be glad to know that we also provide garden landscaping services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We’ve formed our own Bulky Gardening Club, which you can join at any moment and receive a year’s worth of savings on all of our services. Not only that, but there’s more. Members also get access to first-come, first-served reservations.

Create a Bulky Gardening account to make it easier to manage your appointments. You may postpone or make any changes to your appointment at any time.

The gardeners will simply require a parking area near your house so that they may bring their tools to the garden. Of course, this implies they’ll need entry to your home on the day of the service as well. We pick up and deliver keys.

The first hour costs €64, and each successive hour costs €50. When the gardeners arrive, they will assess the location and confirm the job’s projected completion time.

We will send at least two professional gardeners to your aid, depending on the amount of clean-up work we have to do.

You may get rid of up to 120 litres of green garbage for free. It will be bagged and removed from your premises by the professionals. They can remove more garbage for an additional fee.

It’s no issue! The determined gardeners will not be deterred by a little rain or wind.

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