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Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump grinders can range in size from a lawn mower to a truck. The majority of them do it by grinding the stump and roots into small pieces with a high-speed disc with teeth. A cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth is typical of a stump grinder.

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Stump Removal Services

We Provide

Stump Removal Services

With the use of our state-of-the-art technology, Bulky Gardening provides the most effective technique of stump removal. We may securely remove the stump by grinding it away using our “stump grinding” devices, which have no influence on the stump’s surroundings.

Our equipment is capable of reaching even the most difficult-to-reach stumps and removing even the largest stumps. So, even if it’s in your back yard, in a hard-to-reach location, and 2 metres wide, you’ll be shocked at where our machinery can go and what it can handle!

The arisings are normally backfilled into the hole produced when the grinding is completed, and any surplus is removed from the site. If you like, you can have all of the garbage removed from the location.

We’ll grind the stump down to a proper depth for removal:

New trees and plants are being planted

Allow for seeding or grass turf

Make space for gardening or construction

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Stump Grinding and Removal​ in Dublin


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Will the stump regrow once it has been ground down?

The tree will not grow again in most circumstances once the root ball has been removed. However, certain species, such as willow, have the ability to regenerate from the root plate. We generally apply a poison on the stump first with these species, then return once we know the tree has been effectively poisoned and the grinding can begin.

stump regrow

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Tree Stumps with Honey Fungus

Tree Stumps with Honey Fungus

Small clusters of yellowish-colored mushrooms can be spotted near the foot of the damaged tree/stump, indicating the presence of the classic-looking mushrooms. The tree will also display indicators of poor health, such as late spring leaf emergence and crown branch dieback.

The honey fungus feeds on both living and dead wood in trees and plants. To avoid the spread of the disease, it is recommended that the infected trees/stump and all waste produced be removed. If honey fungus is found in a hedgerow, it should be removed several metres outside the afflicted area, the stumps ground down, and the soil removed. You may then transplant with honey fungus-tolerant plants like Yew once this is done.

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Although stumps can be left in the ground after a tree is cut down, the decision to do so might be difficult in some situations. Stumps are not only unsightly and may obstruct future landscaping improvements, but they may also sprout new shoots and transmit root illnesses such as honey fungus.

It’s typically more cost-effective to pay a little more for stump removal at the same time that the tree is destroyed. Stump removal is complicated by the fact that stumps are sometimes huge and heavy, necessitating the use of specialised equipment and procedures. Bulky Gardening has four stump grinders, two of which are tracked for projects that require access across rugged terrain, and our smaller grinder is ideal for difficult-to-reach stumps with restricted access. Our arborists are kept up to date on the finest stump removal procedures and how to minimise ground disturbance so that the area where the tree formerly stood is totally free.

Prior to beginning work, all locations are CAT (Cable Avoidance Tool) examined for subsurface utilities, and suitable guarding is installed around machines to safeguard persons and property. Clients can opt to have the grindings returned to the earth since they produce excellent mulch.

Here are some more compelling reasons to hire a Dublin bulky gardening stump grinder:


People spend a lot of money to have their yards maintained by landscaping businesses. It’s a shame that a stray tree stump may undo all of your hard work. Its removal will restore your property’s visible and aesthetic order.

Tree stumps are a possible hazard

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Bulky Gardening’s tree stump removal service is because leaving the stump in situ might result in a liability issue. If someone is injured after tripping over the stump, they may be able to claim that you were irresponsible in leaving it in place.

Stumps take up a lot more room than you may expect

A tree stump not only makes it hard to utilise the area surrounding it, but it also makes it impossible to use the region around it. Even a minor stump has a big impact. Bulky gardening stump grinding will give you back your entire yard.


The removal of a tree and the subsequent formation of a stump does not necessarily mean the end of root activity. The roots of certain tree species continue to develop even after the tree is cut down. These roots might creep up on your foundation and cause fractures, or they can obstruct water lines, underground wires, or a septic tank.

A stump might depreciate your home’s value

Real estate professionals often tell you that curb appeal may increase a home’s market value by 10% or more. If you decide to sell your house, a conspicuous tree stump on your property might hurt your chances of getting the price you desire. Bulky Gardening’s tree surgeons can help. The value of your house will be protected by our stump grinder.

Stumps can cause walkways to collapse

Stump roots are well-known for causing ground-level issues including uneven pavements. A bulging walkway is not only unsightly, but if someone stumbles on your uneven concrete, you might rapidly find yourself in legal trouble. It’s known as Bulky Gardening. We’ll get rid of any stump, no matter how big it is.

Pests are attracted to stumps

A tree stump may appear to be harmless at first glance, but a closer examination reveals that it is anything but. Pests such as carpenter ants, termites, beetles, wood wasps, and others are attracted to tree stumps. Termites that it invites may relocate to your home, and wood wasps can rapidly put a stop to a backyard barbecue. For experienced stump grinding in Dublin, contact Bulky Gardening.

The Procedure for Removing Tree Stump

Tree stump removal is a procedure that involves grinding off the tree stump using hand tools or motorised technology such as a stump grinder.

Bulky Gardens is a tree stump removal professional that works on a daily basis. When it comes to stump removal, our significant knowledge in stump grinding makes us an obvious choice.

Whenever you want stump removal, our tree surgeons are here to assist you. At the touch of a button, we can be at your location! We have all of the necessary tools and equipment to do stump removal.

Our cutting-edge machinery allows us to grind and remove tree stumps with minimal ground disturbance. We can handle any size stump, from a few inches to the biggest stump you can imagine. We have smaller devices to cope with areas where access is a difficulty. We grind tree stumps and buttress roots to a depth of roughly 300 mm below ground level, allowing for replanting or land preparation for almost any purpose.

We’ll use the stump grind chippings to fill the hole left by the stump removal. We may also remove the stump grind chippings and replace them with a different material.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service and that your tree stumps will be removed securely and efficiently.

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