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Tree Removal

Tree surgeons, often known as “arborists,” are experts in the cultivation and maintenance of specific trees and plants. This is in contrast to a forester’s or logger’s labour.

What makes you think you’d want to hire one? Many houses are surrounded by lovely gardens. Trees and bushes can sometimes grow out of control, posing a hazard to the structure and stability of subsurface utilities, foundations, and above-ground structures.

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Tree removal services

Tree removal services in its entirety...

Tree Removal

Tree removal that is both safe and dependable

Trees are frequently destroyed due to disease or if they pose a threat to persons or property nearby. Tree removal may be necessary if the tree is causing structural damage to buildings or property, or if the tree has grown too large for its site and is obstructing light.

We specialise in the safe removal of trees, either by falling them from the ground using our experienced forestry skills or by deconstructing them in pieces using our state-of-the-art rigging and lowering gear.

Bulky Gardening Dublin is a team of highly skilled tree surgeons equipped with all of the essential tools and equipment to securely and successfully remove a tree while avoiding any adjacent risks such as property, sheds, greenhouses, phone wires, flowerbeds, lawns, and so on. Leaving the facility in a clean and tidy state with little disruption to the surrounding environment.

All of our ropes, harnesses, and lowering devices are inspected on a regular basis to verify that we are utilising safe and well-maintained equipment that complies with LOLER rules.

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What can our tree removal service provide?

You may need to hire a tree removal service for a variety of reasons. You may confidently entrust the work to us, whether the woody plant poses a threat to people or structures, or you require extra room to continue with your new property addition. Our tree surgeons will arrive with all of the necessary instruments for the job. They will employ the most appropriate approach for safely falling the tree. In the process, the local tree fellers will adhere to all applicable safety norms and laws. They’ll safely cut and remove the tree, as well as clean up any trash and fallen branches from the ground. However, there is an additional fee for removing the tree.

Tree felling in sections

In most circumstances, tree removal requires sectioning and disassembling the plant one piece at a time because the location has limited area. The approach is used on medium and big trees that, if chopped at the root, would constitute a hazard to their surrounds. Tree section falling necessitates accuracy and competence in order to minimise the danger of harm or injury. Arborists will employ rigging techniques and equipment to cut and remove all of the more controllable branches initially. Larger ones may need to be lowered first, then chopped off, using lowering ropes. The trunk will be divided into various sections, each of which will be removed one by one. Only licenced tree removal professionals are capable of completing the task. We can also assist you in removing the tree’s stump.

Tree felling in a straight line

Straight tree falling is a technique for removing trees that is used less frequently in metropolitan areas like Dublin. Arborists still employ this strategy on tiny or medium-sized woody plants (if the space around the tree allows it). The job entails cutting the tree down to the ground and carefully removing it. The tree surgeons employ ropes, slings, and wedges to ensure that the tree goes down in the intended direction as securely as possible. Keep in mind that if you ask, we can take the tree down and use it as firewood to get rid of it.

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Dublin tree removal services

Dublin tree removal services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

As previously said, a tree may need to be removed for a variety of reasons. Because of the dangers that trees can pose to persons, buildings, automobiles, and utility infrastructure, some of them are considered urgent. Take a look at some of the instances that necessitate quick tree removal:

  • A dying or dead tree is one that has succumbed to dieback or another disease and cannot be salvaged because it presents a risk to others.
  • Other trees are suffocated by an invasive, fast-growing specimen, however this is a rare occurrence in Ireland.
  • The tree is especially poisonous to humans and animals (again, not a very common occurrence in Ireland).
  • For a variety of reasons, the obstructive tree is an undesirable stumbling block.
  • Tree branches and roots may damage your property and power lines, as well as pose a safety risk to people.

The legalities of a tree removal and falling service

A TPO is a legal document that protects certain trees (Tree Preservation Order). It’s also possible that they’re growing in a conservation area, in which case you won’t be able to touch them unless you have permission from the authorities. If the tree is dead or hazardous, there are no limits as long as you have documentation of this prior to the service and have informed the council of your plans to down and remove the tree.

Before booking a tree removal surgery with us, please make sure you have all of the relevant documentation and permissions from your local council’s Arboricultural (Tree) Officer and/or Planning Department.

Get Tree Stump Removal in Dublin to Make the Most of Your Garden Space

If you live in Dublin and want tree removal services, you’re in luck. Our tree surgeons and landscapers have a range of equipment and procedures at their disposal, and they will choose the best option for removing the tree while ensuring that no regrowth occurs. We’ll always work in a method that minimises or eliminates disturbance to the soil and plants in the area.

This service assists you in getting the most out of your garden. On our customer reviews page, you may read what other customers have to say about our work.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you hire Bulky Gardening Dublin to take care of your trees:

  • Two licenced and experienced tree surgeons perform all of the work.
  • We offer a variety of tiny equipment that will fit through any door or sidewalk;
  • We can remove trees with this equipment while causing the least amount of interruption to the rest of your landscape.
  • All work comes with a free quote in advance.
  • Appointments can be made at any time that is convenient for you, including weekends.
  • Prior to beginning any task, we will check it and confirm the pricing with you.
  • On request, we can shred the garbage to reduce its bulk and lower the removal fee, or we can successfully utilise it as mulch later.
  • We do provide the option of providing a no-obligation price based on images of the tree.

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Tree Removal That Has Been Approved

Here’s a quick rundown of how we work:

  1. Bulky Gardening Dublin, as specialists, ensures that the technicians use safety equipment to ensure their personal safety.
  2. Starting at the top and working our way down, we’ll chop down the entire tree, removing the heavier, large limbs first.
  3. When working with particularly tall trees, tree surgeons will use ropes to carefully transfer each limb to the ground, ensuring that no damage to the environment occurs.


Frequently Asked Questions

The arborists we deal with have a lot of expertise in tree removal, especially in tight situations. You may rest easy knowing that your property will be well-protected during the felling process, and that any negative influence on the scenery will be minimal.

We may remove and dispose of your tree in the most appropriate manner upon request and at an extra cost. However, if you choose, the tree surgeons may also transform the tree into usable firewood.

Don’t worry about the stump; we also provide stump grinding and removal services, so you can ask us to take care of it as well.

If your tree falls under the TPO/Conservation area category, please make all necessary arrangements for the service to take place by alerting your local council in advance and acquiring all necessary licences. In addition, if the tree (or its branches and roots) are near electricity lines or underground services, please notify the appropriate utility service provider.

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