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Tree Felling in Dublin by Professional Tree Surgeon

Tree Felling

Our tree fellers are experienced in tree felling and offer a comprehensive range of tree surgery services in Dublin for both home and commercial clients.

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Tree Felling in Dublin by Experienced Tree Surgeons

Tree falling is removing the greatest section of your tree while leaving the stump behind. Ensure that the trees in your garden do not pose a hazard to your safety, your family’s safety, or your property’s safety. To securely remove old, sick trees, contact a trained and fully insured tree surgeon. Whatever tree felling services you want in Dublin, we have a cost-effective and dependable solution for you.

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Tree Felling in Dublin


All our services are priced competitively, and our costs are transparent.

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We keep a clean work site and we clean up after ourselves.

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We adhere to strict safety standards, and have public liability cover.

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Our clients tell us they love our quick response times, and on-site efficiency.

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Improve the appearance of your garden and the landscape in general.

When you hire us for your tree removal, you can be sure of a few things:

  • We’re always reachable — you may reach out to a member of our office staff at any time of day or night;
  • All work is accompanied by no-obligation estimates.
  • Tree surgeons perform all of the felling and removal of branches and vegetation in a professional manner.
  • cheap prices and the prospect of discounts when repeated tree care services are booked;
  • We might be able to give you a price based just on images of the sick tree.
  • In a restricted location, dismantling and falling an ancient tree is a job best left to an experienced expert with the specialised tools needed to complete the work without endangering persons or property. We have everything:
  • Specialized equipment is required (smaller tools)
  • Protective gear (for the technicians)
  • Depending on the shape and size of the tree, six different chainsaws are employed.
  • Shredder
  • Climbing boots that are unique
  • Ladders and ropes
Your Go-To Arborist Service

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Dublin Tree Felling

Dublin Tree Felling

Buky Gardening is a Dublin-based company that specialises in tree surgery. Our arborists have a lot of expertise with tree removal and are well-equipped to handle any tree surgery job, including tree removals.

Our arborists can cut down trees of any size and in any area. We’ve felled numerous trees in difficult-to-reach locations and can manoeuvre into even the narrowest areas with minimal noise and inconvenience.

What is the definition of tree felling?

Cutting down a tree and removing any trash, such as brushwood, branches, and logs, is known as tree falling. The term “tree removal” is often used, although there is no distinction between the two.

There are two ways for removing trees, and which one is employed will largely depend on the amount of space available.

Tree Felling in Sections/Sectional Tree Felling

The breakdown of a tree into manageable chunks using descending ropes and slings is known as tree sectioning or section falling.

Taking down trees in pieces is a highly skilled activity in which even the tiniest error may result in significant damage and cost a lot of money.

It’s utilised in tight spaces where everything has to be directed down to avoid harm.

First, all branches shall be removed. Large branches will be lowered from the crown using lowering ropes, and the trunk will be removed in parts and dumped in a safe landing zone.

Our qualified tree surgeons are very proficient in manoeuvring through small places and removing trees securely using the most up-to-date rigging techniques.

Tree Felling in a Straight Line

A tree is cut from the root and let to fall to the ground in a controlled way, which is known as straight felling. However, because huge trees demand a lot of land in Dublin, this is frequently not practicable.

Larger trees are normally felled straight in forest work or on properties with considerable space, although smaller trees may be felled straight in most gardens and houses safely.

Before making the back cut through to the hinge, a face-notch is cut out around the base of the trunk in the desired direction.

We always utilise ropes and slings to help with the fall, and wedges to keep it from tumbling the wrong direction.

Is the tree completely removed after it is felled?

All trees will be chopped down as low as feasible in the trunk, but they can also be trimmed to any height. Unless you request stump removal, which will totally remove the tree, stump, and surface roots, the stump will remain in the ground.

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